Monday, April 27, 2009


When I write a book about parenting, it will be called "One Step Forward; Two Steps Back." Duncan decided tonight to take a bath without a bowl, and so he did.  We were all proud and pleased as punch, particularly Duncan.  I though he'd be putting a bowl over the drain in his 30's. Then came bed time.  Duncan has been wearing socks to bed for a few weeks now, and he doesn't care that it has been 85 to 90 degrees.  We tried to get him into bed without socks, and he cried pitifully.  I even suggested having him just put the socks in bed with him, but he wasn't buying that idea.  Even worse than the socks, however, is the comforter.  He REFUSES to go to bed without the comforter pulled up around his chin.  Even when it's 85 degrees.  The poor kid sweats buckets when he sleeps, even if the temperatures are arctic.  We have to sneak in there and slip the comforter off him.  And get the air conditioners in.  And hide the comforter...
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