Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Earth Gives Back

I got the greatest thank you gift today.  On so many Earth Days past, I felt guilty, as if I really should be doing something about the state of affairs here on the planet.  This year, I didn't really do anything either, but I know I HAVE been making an effort.  Actually, this is what I did for the earth today:

- sent three garbage-free lunches to work/school
- used 1 unbleached disposable diaper
- used no paper towels
- used only one paper napkin (sorry Earth, it was a work lunch meeting)
- used no disposable water bottles
- recycled all my used office paper
- recycled 3 cans,  two jars, and the dish soap bottle
- used a sprayer to wet down Duncan's hair instead of running the faucet
- filled Duncan's tub without letting the water run first
- used 99.9% natural shampoo and conditioner
- shared information about the dryer ball
- thought about a clothes line, even if it's just for the sheets and towels

The beauty is that I had to think to come up with these things.  I know that some of you are doing better than I am, but these things have become such a part of my life that I didn't "think" I had done anything for Earth Day.  

Oh, yeah.  What was my thank you gift?  The Earth gave me these tiny little arugula plants and reminded me that seeds work.  
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