Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Fish, Big Pond

Remember when we were at wit's end?  When was that?  I guess it was ending around this time last week.  We needed to get Duncan a big boy mattress at some point, and it seemed to us that if he was already having sleeping problems, we should just do it and get it over with in case it was going to begin a new rash of sleeping problems.  We bought the bed on Wednesday, and it was delivered Friday.  Over the weekend, we took Duncan out to purchase his bedding.  He chose lime green sheets (chartreuse, if you will), a pink and orange throw pillow, and a step stool.  We see no need to rush into a comforter since it has been hazy, hot, and humid with a forecast of...hazy, hot and humid. Duncan "helped" Jamie convert the convertible crib into its final form, the full bed. And then, although he has needed a little reassurance each night, he has slept beautifully.  He LOVES the new bed.  Yesterday while I was at work, apparently he and Jamie spent a good deal of the morning getting into and out of the bed.  Here he is, my little fish in the big pond.  
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