Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Poppy

We took a break from hot and sweaty gardening to practice singing Happy Birthday to Poppy, whose birthday was last Friday. It's good we got it on video because Duncan did sing it to Poppy, but not with quite the same gusto he did at home. We spent the weekend in Albany with Nana and Poppy and had a nice cookout at Lorna and Vernon's house. Duncan went right into the pool with no reservations, which was refreshing. Last year, we couldn't get him into a paddle pool or into Nana and Poppy's 8' diameter pool. He cried and clung to me until I took him out. This time, when I arrived at the pool from changing into my suit, he was already in with Lorna, smiling broadly. Poppy doesn't care too much for gifts at 68, but the Wall-E cake Colin picked out was pretty cool. Many happy returns, Poppy!
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