Sunday, March 16, 2008

104 / 3

It's a strange situation for me.  Having knit these 104 stitches (with no stretch, on needles made of plastic, which has been a tactile nightmare for me) for 5 inches, I now have to divide them into three sections and leave them hanging, live, on what approximates large safety pins.  (When I reached this stage, I was secretly thrilled that I had not gained or lost any stitches!)  I know that for veteran knitters (even probably most novice knitters), this is no big deal; for me, it is a leap of faith.  This enterprise could unravel in seconds under the right (wrong) circumstances.  I am reminded of the Yarn Harlot's recent experience with the grape socks and listening to the needle gently hit the floor as hours of delicate sock knitting simply disappeared (although that is probably an obscure allusion to anyone who might happen upon my blog).  I imagine that soon this stealth project will become more recognizable.

I set out to challenge myself and break out of the world of scarves, hats, and mittens, so I am going to trust that this will just work out; may the yarn gods look upon me with favor.  

This blog experience is also new to me.  I am an inchoate blogger, but I am glad that I shared my blog.  Courtney is now thinking of a travel blog; Andrea is thinking her life is too boring to blog (but as a new dog mother with a baby of her own on the way, I disagree); Janine is intimidated by the blog (but sounding intrigued); Marcie and Roger are my idols as novice bloggers who are documenting Baby Ben so beautifully.  As for me, I'm enjoying the writing, having a place to post some pictures, and the sharing.  Thanks to my tiny little audience for reading so far!  Maybe soon I'll figure out how to add some links so you can check out the blogs I'm reading!
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