Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives

This yarn has been kicking me in the teeth for at least a week now - longer if you count the 3 separate internet orders to accumulate the yarn (plus extra to replace what I used in numerous gauge swatches), stitch holders, and long enough needles. It has required two gauge swatches, neither of which actually "GOT GAUGE," though one came closer to the other. This is a secret project for a secret person; its identity will gradually become apparent, however, and if you know me, you'll be able to guess the recipient. I decided to make a bold foray into the land of knitted garments, leaving the scarves, hats, and mittens far behind. I am doubting whether I have the fortitude for this project.

The yarn is nothing fancy: Lion Bran Organic Cotton in Sage. It needs to be wash and wear, and the recipient's mother (too many hints) will appreciate its organic nature. I've never knit cotton before and am struggling with its lack of stretch. It's taken me 4 inches to achieve a tension that is almost comfortable. I'm also not fond of the feel of this cotton on these plastic needles. Next time (I aim to make three more of these babies), I'll knit it on metal circulars (probably Turbo Addi's). I'm glad that it's beginning to feel better because I need to get some better karma into this piece!

Today is a day for rain, vanilla cupcakes, meatloaf, painting with Duncan, and the long wait for more pictures of baby Ben. In short, hibernation is the name of the game.
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