Friday, March 7, 2008

A Healthy Sense of Wonder

Our new friend Ben was born today.  I haven't met him yet; I haven't even seen him yet for that matter, but I hear that he is pretty special.  His arrival has left me nostalgic for our early days with my own son, Duncan, who will turn 2 in 6 days.  How these little people arrive in the world is nothing short of magic, no matter how they get here.  Sometimes, I can't imagine how Jamie, Duncan, or I survived to see him turn 2 given our lack of experience with the whole baby rearing game.  Sometimes, each day feels so long that you can't foresee waking up to do it all over again; then, suddenly, 724 of those days are gone.  Childhood is fleeting.  My eyes have welled with tears all day as I have been completely overwhelmed with love for my beautiful, 2-going-on-20, little boy.  I hope that I can always recapture this feeling.  Especially after he drives my car through the garage door.
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