Sunday, March 16, 2008

No Comment

Why can you not leave comments?  I don't know why you cannot leave comments; for now, my settings enable anyone to read and comment on my blog.  However, for personal safety (and to reduce SPAM and other tinned meat products), comments are supposed to be sent to my e-mail address to await my approval.  Melissa and Marcie could not comment, yet Courtney did. Perhaps, comments by people whose names begin with the letter M are prohibited?  I am so new to this.  Keep trying.  I've double checked my settings; I'll check out the Help button next time I log in.


Melissa said...

OK, it is not that I couldn't comment (have lots of those) it is just that Google actually wanted me to create an account first. Wasn't sure I wanted to do that, but for you I will.
Glad that I stirred the pot enough to make it onto your blog.
PS -- I DO read both your's and Yarn Harlots.

Courtney said...

Is it a gmail thing?

Anonymous said...

oh why, oh why can't you comment without a gmail account?

Theresa Collins said...

I can leave an anonymous comment. Can I leave a comment with a name and no URL?