Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Too Much Screen Time

Jamie left today for a conference. Although I have gone away numerous times since Duncan was born, this is only the second time Jamie has gone away so it's a bit novel for Duncan and me. Duncan has promised to be helpful and a good listener. So far, he has offered to help with dishes, the lunches, and the shoveling as well as getting himself dressed and getting ready for school. He thinks he can earn 100 "helping points" on his behavior chart (a good day is 4). I'm not sure what that would earn, honestly. I haven't calculated the rewards that high.  I've heard rumors that Duncan is a model citizen when I am away. We'll see how it goes. It will be interesting, in any case. Two eye opening conversations we have had since I picked him up at 4 (42 minutes ago):

D:  "When you are away, usually Daddy and I have a treat."
M:  "What kind of treat?"
D:  "Like a candy at dinner.  We can do that if you want."

M:  "It's your computer day today.  What do you think you want to play."
D:  "I don't think I want to do that.  I don't like to have too much screen time."
M:  "OK, well you CAN play if you want to."
D:  "OK.  I will."

When I'm not around, does he tell people "I don't usually like processed foods." "I don't like to have too much screen time"?  What is that?
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