Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow, Old School

I'm sure no one has missed its presence, but it has snowed this year in frequencies and volumes that I cannot remember since childhood. I have vague childhood memories of very tall snow mounds, lots of snow days, and walking to school, uphill, both ways, with no shoes. (No, I don't, but aren't those the stories I will tell my child?) I remember January of 1987, when it snowed every, single day; some big storms, some flurries, but EVERY day. I remember a stretch of 1996 when we were battered with several large snow storms in a row. Really, though, I don't remember too many winters like this.

We had a small storm before Christmas that Duncan thought our Elf-on-the-Shelf brought with him. It brought with it our first snow delay (maybe 4 inches). Then there was the December 26 storm of 2010 that pounded the northeast with nearly two feet of snow. Then there was the storm about 10 days ago that caused the rare closing of our boarding school for the day; we had 16" when we measured, and it snowed for a couple of hours after that, so we'll say 18". That's a lot of snow. And in between, we had these "little" storms that dumped between 1 and 5". Yesterday, for example, we got 5". I'm tempted to go out into the yard, away from the drifts and piles, to measure it; however, it's clearly deeper than my boots, and I don't have a measuring stick that long. Let's just call it "a lot." I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to go anywhere, and it's not going to interfere with my administering state exams at school (hint, hint, Mother Nature). It carries this nostalgia. It makes me feel a little better about global warming (even if that's an ill informed opinion). It's old school snow.

That was a whole lot of introduction for this little observation I wanted to share with you.  Yesterday, I was checking the 10 day weather forecast on The Weather Channel, because it's my new hobby.  I check it not just every day, but several times a day; it's my new addiction. I said "Well, Duncan.  It might snow Friday night and Saturday, and it might snow next Tuesday and Wednesday." He replied in amazement (dare I project disgust?) "AGAIN?  Again and again and again and again?"
Need I say more?
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