Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zucchini Muffins

Ever since I made the carrot muffins, Duncan has insisted on eating one every morning for breakfast, with his daily, hard boiled egg. I feel much about what happens at lunch time knowing that he's already had a serving of vegetables when he leaves the house in the morning. I've baked two batches now, and he helped me bake the last batch so he knows about the carrots now. "I don't care, Mama. I like those muffins." Good strategy:  hit them with a tasty baked good; letter admit to the presence of a vegetable. This weekend, I tried zucchini muffins with cranberries. Much to my surprise, I think they could use a little MORE sugar, but I gave one to Duncan at dinner, and he wolfed it down. So far, so good. Next in the baking queue are sweet potato muffins, but my friend Lisamarie just gave me a recipe for frittata muffins, which could be a pretty flexible way to chow down some vegetables and protein. Duncan started asking for Captain Crunch this weekend (though I choose to pretend he has it confused with Pirate's Booty) so I'd better act fast!

(Lunch time follow up:  We found out that Miss Anne, the preschool director, has been making Duncan sit with her at lunch several days a week so she can monitor his eating. If he has a few good days, she lets him try sitting with his friends again. She also discovered the strategy of giving him only one food at a time so he doesn't become overwhelmed. Though it left us whacking ourselves in the forehead and saying "duh," it was nice to know that Anne had identified the problem and worked on a solution before we even had a chance to bring up our concern).
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