Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"No Way, Jose": Zucchini Muffins Deemed Failure by Small Fry

The zucchini muffins have been declared inedible by the youngest of our pack. Even though he had already eaten two on previous days, Duncan narrowly avoided a major breakfast meltdown this morning. First, I slathered the muffin with butter and apple butter. "Mama, I don't LIKE this muffin." I convinced him to take a bite. Taking a bite moved some of the apple butter so that more muffin was exposed. I was implored to apply more apple butter. Then followed "I have to eat it upside down so I can taste the apple butter, but if I turn it upside down the apple butter falls off." So I cut it into pieces and encouraged him to eat bites upside down (the bites, not Duncan) with a fork. No. At that point, I have to admit that I became testy and sensitive, pitched the muffin in the trash, and handed him a cheese stick. Our entire Mama/Duncan breakfast bonding time derailed by a zucchini muffin.

It's a good thing I like those muffins because there are 10 more where this one came from. Back to the drawing board with sweet potatoes in the queue. I am now accepting new auditions for the role of "zucchini muffin recipe." Thanks for nothing, Epicurious.
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