Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Vegetable Randomness

Okay, as a follow up to Sneaky Vegetables, I skimmed my two CSA cookbooks in search of baking recipes that include vegetables. I'll do a more extensive search on the web later when I have more time. I'm also thinking that I could probably get Duncan to eat something like mini-quiche for breakfast, and I could load them with vegetables. Nonetheless, I'm intrigued by the whole idea of sneaking vegetables into baked goods. As my friend Courtney would say, no need to read...just really publishing this to the world so that I'll hold myself to investigating these things.

Vegetables to bake:

beets (in chocolate cake...who knew)
sweet potatoes
winter squash

Welcoming suggestions from the vegetable intrepid.


Courtney said...

will you share your chocolate cake recipe with beets? and your csa cookbook titles? I'm stressing out about using all of it! We are still pulling veggies out of the fridge for chili and soups! Two weeks to go.

Marcie said...

I make muffins and waffles for Ben every week, enough to freeze and pull out in a rotation throughout the week. He's got some dairy/egg induced eczema, so I avoid those two, substituting soy and applesauce. I've done the carrot and zucchini regulars. I sometimes add squash, spinach, parsnip - all cooked and mashed. I just chuck them in place of the egg amount. The muffins are always tolerable and often made better with apple butter spread.