Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who Pantsed Santa?

*  Note:  The following post is slightly explicit and, some might suggest, sightly irreverent...however innocent.

Duncan and Jamie were writing Duncan's first letter to Santa Claus today. Asking for gifts didn't seem relevant to Duncan. He invited Santa to visit and said he hoped he'd see him soon (at Amenia's tree lighting ceremony). He decorated his letter with stickers and a drawing of Santa.

Jamie:  What's that, Duncan?

Duncan:  That's Santa Claus' penis.

Jamie (trying to decide what the appropriate response is, and going with logic):  OK.  But usually people keep their penises in their pants.

Duncan:  But I didn't DRAW the pants yet. Santa is naked.

What we wish for you this Christmas is that Santa will be wearing pants (or not...however you prefer).
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