Monday, November 9, 2009

Boys and Ghouls

Halloween was a bit of a letdown at our house. The good part was that Paul came to spend the weekend with us, and that was the end of the good part. Duncan didn't have much of an appetite on Thursday or Friday.  On Saturday, Paul, Jamie, Duncan, and I went to Dasi Hill Farm to pick out pumpkins and then out to lunch at Four Brothers. Duncan squirmed, hemmed, hawed, crawled under the table, and engaged in a wide variety of avoidance behaviors. At the end of our collective ropes, we announced that he would not get any candy until he finished the last three bites of half of his grilled cheese sandwich. He ate three bites, lifted his plate to show us he had finished, turned his head, and vomited on the booth.

After we cleaned him up (and the booth) and took him home, he napped (yes, you read that correctly) until around 4:00. We asked him if he still wanted to go trick-or-treating, and he chose to stay home. We gave him a BRAT-ish sort of dinner (he doesn't like bananas) and embarked on about 4 days of stomach bug. We decided that jack-o-lanterns don't care about calendars and carved pumpkins on Sunday (Nov. 1). Duncan wound up staying home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before he was finally back to normal.

We didn't even get a picture of his Halloween costume. He did get to wear his costume at school on Friday and did a little trick-or-treating. He chose to be an old-school ghost (of the Charlie Brown variety, bed sheet with eyeholes cut out) in a blue sheet with a striped, knit hat to keep his sheet on. It was a costume of his own design. I haven't been able to get him back into it for a picture; it's our first Halloween to live in infamy. It was still great fun to have Paul around, and he turns out to be fearless when it comes to preschoolers and their body fluids. Unfortunately, Paul spent the following week sick was a Halloween that kept on giving.
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