Friday, August 28, 2009

Action Wildlife

Not too far from us, in Goshen, CT, is a smallish zoo, called Action Wildlife. Jamie and I drove past in numerous times last summer, and I always wondered what it was all about. One afternoon in July, when we had a block of time in the afternoon and needed a field trip, we took Duncan to check it out. Action Wildlife is bigger than than the Trevor Teaching Zoo in Millbrook and smaller than Southwick's Zoo, close to John and Melissa. It seems to be a privately owned establishment and doesn't have too much variety. As Jamie pointed out, it has lots of animals with horns, for what that's worth. You can drive or walk through it, and we took the opportunity to stroll as we enjoyed exotic animals like miniature donkeys and horses, ibex, and American bison. The zoo has an education center that houses an oddly complete taxidermy collection (it was beautiful but gave me the creeps) and a collection of reptiles. Under development is a 50 acre, drive through safari where the animals are not penned but free to roam. Action Wildlife is a great, local destination that I'm sure we will visit again and again.
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