Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Promises, Promises

Okay, I'm writing something; really, I am, but you have to wait another day (or several). What's continues to fascinate me is that when I'm NOT writing, I feel like something is missing from my life. It's like being far away from a close friend. We're all back at school now, and it's a little tough. It's not the WORK that's tough. We're both pretty happy at work at the moment. It's not really sending Duncan back to daycare that's tough. He's so happy that he spent the first week back asking us DAILY if he could go to school tomorrow. The schedule is not even really too tough; we get up at the same time, vacation or not. We eat our meals at the same time. We all go to bed at the same times. No, what is wholly unpleasant is the return of the school-related chores...the daily ironing, setting out of clothes, lunch making, and child delivering. Ick. So there's my little back-to-school mini-rant, and I hope it sustains you until I publish something real.

Ahh! But you know what cures the "I hate my chores" blues...a good dose of John and Kate Plus Eight! there a ubiquitous picture of Duncan I can throw in here to keep the people happy?

How about a shout-out to Ben, right back at you, Kiddo.

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