Saturday, September 6, 2008


A trip to John and Melissa's is always full of good food and clean fun, and our last trip was no exception. Duncan had a great time playing on Anna's swing set, sharing her books, and wearing her purple head band (don't ask don't tell). His idolatry of John was one of the highlights of our trip. "John do it." "Walk with John now." Jamie and I felt ubiquitous, but we've grown accustomed to Duncan's periodic dismissal of us. We took a trip to Garden in the Woods, which is currently hosting a sculpture exhibit of giant bugs - gorgeous giant bugs manufactured from wood. We also had a great time at the Southwick Zoo, where we saw a veritable menagerie of things we didn't see at the Bronx Zoo, including giraffes, a baby kangaroo with a human foster mother, and baby tigers. Anna and Duncan took their first pony rides and enjoyed the car ride. Daredevil Anna was disappointed not to be able to go on some of the bigger rides, but I wouldn't let Duncan into anything that left the ground. I was too afraid he'd become scared, and we'd have to stop the ride. We were sad to say good-bye to Hopedale, but it was time to get home to think about going back to school. Duncan asks frequently when he can see Anna again; we look forward to the next time we get to hook up with John, Melissa and Anna!

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jjessup said...

Hi Theresa, glad you enjoyed your Hopedale weekend.
Sounds like Duncan did too. We love your blog reports on Duncans' progress. Sorry we're not closer to see him and Anna more often. Gramps just copied an 8x10 photo of the two of them at the wedding. Anna is hugging Duncan standing in front of her and it sits in a prominent spot where we can see it everyday. His big blue eyes are just penetrating. We love it! Things are probably hectic for you & Jamie now that school has started. I get back to my teaching schedule next week. Stay well. Love, G & G