Friday, February 12, 2010

Love, Five

Yarn Love

Alert the media. Or at least Melissa. This here is a knitting post. It's not much, but I promised this scarf to one of my students last year and never came through. I was wearing a fun fur scarf, and Filipa said "I want a scarf." Fool that I am, I said "I'll knit you one. What color do you want?" "Pink," she insisted. I started it, knit like crazy, made a lot of mistakes, abandoned the project, and ordered her a fair trade bracelet instead. Last week, in a fit of knitting atonement, I ripped it out and started over. And finished it. I've made three scarves since January first and picked up another project that I had started and abandoned. That one's a secret. I'm on a roll. More on my "make stuff" resolutions later; for now, the post is for Melissa, and the pink fun fur is for Filipa. 
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