Saturday, December 19, 2009

Decorating 101

I always think that decorating the Christmas tree with Duncan is going to be a Norman Rockwell experience, complete with hot cocoa and followed by a nice dinner. Surprise, surprise. It never turns out that way. In my vague memory, there was a lot of occupying Duncan (who was itching to start) while Jamie got the lights on the tree and then shifted all the lights because he strung them to close together at the top.  What followed was a fair amount of "don't touch that" or "that's too heavy." Eventually, I was forced to abandon my Martha Stewart ideals (damn you Martha for setting me up for failure) and abandon all hope, and that was probably when we started to have a good time. At one point I looked down to realize Duncan had an entire box of breakable ornaments, and I had an entire box of things made of felt and yarn. I feebly suggested a trade but then just let Duncan do it. It turns out it's a beautiful tree (aren't they always?), and the memory of the afternoon is a pretty happy one. I thought I'd share with you Duncan's #1 tree decorating tip: bunch as many ornaments together as possible in one place.

Luckily, Jamie touched it up a little while Duncan and I were getting ready for bed.

Oh Tannenbaum.

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