Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Word to the Wise

We learned a valuable lesson at the American Museum of Natural History. We had lunch at the museum cafe, and when we paid at the register, we let Duncan select his own drink. The cafe had a nice selection of Vitamin Waters, and we assumed they would be harmless. Duncan drank his with lunch as Jamie and I drank Diet Coke, and we continued with our day. At some point later, as I was carrying the Vitamin Water bottle around, I looked at the ingredients. I'm not sure you can see them on this photo, but bold as day, it says CAFFEINE. I wondered if Duncan would have difficulty sleeping that night, and indeed he did. Of course, the stimulation of a day with the dinosaurs could easily have kept him awake until close to 10 p.m., but I have a feeling the caffeine had a lot to do with it. Lesson learned:  read labels.
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