Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rhymes With...

It tickles me that Duncan loves to rhyme. It's just plain cute, to begin with, but the ability to rhyme at this age is a good predictor of future reading ability. I feel pretty secure that Duncan will have no difficulty learning to read. Tonight, after a particularly naughty day (we're all tired and cranky as we catch up on our camping sleep), he rhymed all through dinner and his bath. He rhymes real words and loves creating nonsense words. "Did you know _______ rhymes with ______?" He even created his own game that went something like this. "What would we do if we had no chair?" The other player needs to create a funny answer that ends in a word that rhymes with the key word. "We'd have to sit with the bear." I was pretty impressed that he created this language puzzle and enjoyed it so much. 

My favorite rhyme this evening: "Door rhymes with boar and whore!"

(Note:  We are really NOT using the word whore around our house. Duncan created it as a nonsense word. Just in case you were concerned...)
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