Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day

This was to be my one Duncan-free day of the holiday season, and my to-do list was enormous. Instead, we are bracing for a storm, and Duncan is having a snow day.  I'm heading out for supplies so I can bake up a storm during the...well...storm.  Duncan and Jamie are headed out to the train station to buy tickets for our trip to the city on Monday (more details to follow).  Much like Tilly, I believe I will be scratching things off my list, not because they are finished but because I'm acknowledging they won't get done.  Baking, wrapping in secret in the office, and frantically paying outrageous shipping to get things here on time are about all I can accomplish with the little monkey underfoot, even with a great Daddy who is planning to take over so I can get some things done. to go.  Broken by Duncan today:  1 red glass ball. 
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